Mighty Whey Twin Pack


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If you love Mighty Whey post-workout and can’t bare the thought of running out, look no further than the Mighty Whey Twin Pack. You can choose your two favorite flavors of Mighty Whey, mighty stred creatine.


Mighty Whey contains 0 grams of sugar and almost 0 grams of fat and carbs per serving. This makes Mighty Whey the ideal fast absorbing protein shake for anyone trying to gain lean muscle. And with 5.7 grams of BCAAs and 29 grams of protein, your body will be fueled with the ideal building blocks necessary for muscle growth and repair.


The product meets all of the strict laboratory testing criteria applied by MGFlabs to ensure that every batch produced contains a minimum of 29 grams of pure premium grade hydrolyzed and pure whey protein isolate.


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