Yoga Scretching Straps


  • 【Help your body deeply stretch】Yoga stretching belt can assist yoga exercises and enhance your body flexibility. It helps you solve tension, splits, straighten your spine, strengthen your ankles, prevent hunchbacks, etc., improve the flexibility of your back, waist, legs and arms, and help you stretch deeply.
  • 【Strong & durable】Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this high-quality stretch belt is strong and does not deform, and it is easy to take on all kinds of postures and weights. It is of skin-friendly material, comfortable to hold, and not easy to slip off. It only takes you a few weeks to keep using it, and your friends will notice that your actions have improved greatly.
  • 【Easy to use】: This yoga strap is soft, non-slippery and easy to carry. The buckle has a sturdy and adjustable metal D ring, which is of great help in maintaining posture for a long time. Vandeep shoulder straps can also reduce the risk of muscle strain and other injuries, while improving physical flexibilit
  • 【High quality design】The stretch band is soft and will not scratch the door or door frame. The metal buckle is strong and durable. Ergonomically designed edges make it easy to grip and has a soft, non-slippery surface ensuring it safer to use.


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