Silicone Wrist Weight & 10 steel cylinder


  • Material: environmentally friendly silicone + 303 stainless steel cylinder + stainless steel buckle.It is combined with silicone wristbands and stainless steel cylinders, so you can increase or decrease the number of cylinders according to your needs.
  • Burn extra calories by adding extra resistance and difficulty while working out.Build strength and tone the muscles.
  • Ideal aid for exercise, running, strength building,wear this product on both hands to increase strength, you can exercise arms strength better and consume more calories.
  •  It can also assist yoga exercise with balancing and coordinating your body.
  • Size (Approx.): length 24.5CM/9.65inch, width 3.5CM/1.37inch, thickness 1.5CM/0.59inch (buckle can be used to adjust the length).


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