“Muscle Massage Gun & LCD screen (Rotation adjust speed)& carry case


  • Multifunctional Massage Gun: Our muscle massage gun can help relieve muscle fatigue, soreness, cramps and stiffness, improve the overall health of the human soft tissue and prevent fasciitis. High frequency vibration, eliminate fatigue, deep massage, relax muscles and reduce pain. The massage gun is a good tool to reduce the pain that may be caused by sports and gym exercises.
  • 6 Particular Massage Heads: 6 replaceable massage heads for all muscle groups. Ball-for large muscle groups; Fork-for spine; Rubber air head-for all parts of the body; Flat-for all parts of the body; Bullet-for joints, deep tissues and trigger points. Promote blood circulation and improve exercise range. 6 customized massage heads provide comfortable massage while reducing bone damage.
  • 20-speed Mode & Low Noise: You can adjust the frequency to warm up according to the purpose, relieve soreness, muscle damage, muscle pain and relieve tension. The maximum massage speed is 3200 taps per minute, which can deeply relieve muscles, reduce pain and increase the range of motion. The high-precision mold tightly connects the machine head to the machine body, and the smooth noise can effectively reduce the noise during operation.
  • LCD Touch Screen & Easy to Hold: The massager has LCD touch screen control, gear display, you can easily switch speed levels and display battery capacity. The massager uses a high-quality motor with super heat dissipation function, which can run for a long time without stopping the work due to overheating of the movement. Uniquely designed durable non-slip silicone handle makes the massager easier to hold and prevents it from slipping or falling.
  • Easy to Carry & Long Time Use: The massager is lightweight and portable, and easy to use. Rechargeable for use anywhere. The wireless massager is equipped with a 2000mAh high-quality lithium battery, so it can maintain about 4-5 hours of working time after each charge. Available in two colors, it is very convenient to use at home, office or on the go.


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